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The server is the central component of your IT infrastructure that powers all other IT operations and allows your digital systems to keep running fast, smoothly, and reliably. In the business world where agility, scalability, dependability, Security, and seamless operations are all vital necessities, servers play a role of utmost importance. Servers are the most important compute module in today’s data-centric environments of a data center.

Every business requires fast, sturdy, and powerful dedicated servers and some require the ones that can quickly adapt to changing market dynamics. A dedicated physical server is a handmade hardware, designed and configured to meet specific business needs. It’s usually on-premises and fully customizable. There’s also the option available to buy a cloud server from cloud hosting providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

At Think Bricks, we understand the importance of choosing the right kind and quality of server so that your business continuity remains unharmed. We work with professionals loaded with deep industry insights and the right resources to guide you through the process of setting up the server that will never let you down. We source the dedicated physical servers from trusted brands such as Lenovo among others. We can also help you set up a cloud server infrastructure as well.


Lenovo DCG

Lenovo, one of the world leaders who designs, develop, and manufactures Personal computers, Laptops, Servers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, IT Management Software and Storage etc. Lenovo acquired the IBM X 86 Series server business from IBM in the year 2014. They later changed the X series brand name to Lenovo Think System Series. Lenovo server solutions are available for a wide range of computing needs such as Think Agile HCI, High-Performance Computing, Software Defined Datacenter, VMware VSAN, Nutanix and SAP. Lenovo Server range starts from Think System ST 50 single socket entry-level tower server to Think System SR 250,530, 550,570,590,630 and Think System SR 650 dual-socket workload rack server, Mission-critical four-processor SR 850, Eight Processor high-performance computing Server SR 950, Flex Blade System chassis, Flex Server Think System SN 550, High-density D2 server enclosures, which are used in large cloud data centers and Edge computing server Think System SE 350.

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